Mestre Joao Grande


Jogo Bonito

Ecstatic sudanese dervishes

Our company began in Los Angeles with the concept, JOGO BONITO. The Portuguese translation of JOGO BONITO is “the beautiful game” and can also be translated as “I play beautiful.” JOGO BONITO is often referred to as an esthetic in Brazilian sports, particularly capoeira and futebol (soccer). Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that originated in Angola Africa but was also influenced by other African traditions as a result of the transatlantic slave trade, the African diaspora and the mixing of African, Indigenous and European cultures and bloodlines (the afro-mestisaje).

JOGO BONITO is embodied in the creative expression of music, song and movement. JOGO BONITO transmits a contagious energy of euphoria, power, seduction, and transformation. You know JOGO BONITO when you see it and most importantly, you feel it.

The company JOGO BONITO dropped it’s first T-shirt designs during fashion week March 2005 with it’s “Junk in the Trunk” party at Design Tonic’s Downtown Loft that brought together capoeristas, fashionistas, and turntablistas. A year later Nike came out with it’s line called Joga Bonito to capitalize on the hype created by the Brazilian soccer team at the World cup. Hhhmmm…makes you wonder where they got their inspiration?